Mission Statement

Our mission is to surpass any expectations you have regarding a visit to the dentist. We’re committed to establishing an unsurpassed depth of honesty, trust and connection with our patients – a partnership that will last a lifetime.

Martins Dental Partners Mission

Martins Dental Partners is built upon the philosophy that a relaxing and enjoyable dental visit is possible. To deliver upon our promise of an amazing patient experience, Martins Dental Partners focuses relentlessly on two guiding principles:

  • Providing an exceptional patient experience is built into everything we do.  Our remarkable team is dedicated to providing the best care and service imaginable in the Beverly, MA area. Elegant surroundings and advanced technology enrich our unparalleled offering.  We seek to surpass any expectations you may have regarding a visit to the Dentist.
  • Collaborative Treatment Planning, which we beleive is vital to understanding, restoring, enhancing & maintaining optimal dental health throughout one’s lifetime.  We understand patients today seek more information and collaboration regarding their long-term Wellness than at any point in the past. We educate our patients on the general, restorative and cosmetic dental options available to them and collaboratively develop personalized Lifetime Treatment Plans (LTP) to support their long-term Wellness goals.